Why we love cruising.


Cruise ships can be destinations unto themselves. With casinos, skating rinks, movie theatres, discos and Las Vegas-caliber entertainment, there’s always something to do while at sea. Couple that with experiences and excursions at local ports, and you’re in for the experience of a lifetime. So what does your perfect sail off into the sunset look like?

Cruise vacations aren’t for everyone. But with hundreds of ships and even more itineraries to choose from, there’s ultimately a cruise line and cruise ship out there for every personality. Where you want to go, your budget and the type of experience you want on your getaway are just a few of the things we’ll discuss while working on your cruise itinerary.

When our clients board their cruise ship, we want rest and relaxation to be their only worries. So how do we make sure that’s possible? We work together to find the perfect cruise ship, itinerary, dining options and shore excursions so all they have to do is put their feet up and enjoy once they board. Sounds great right?


Calling all cruise lovers! Everyone is starting to think about their post-quarantine getaways so cruise ships will start filling up fast for next year, and even into 2022. Let me help you get your next cruise in the books while the deals are great and cruise companies are offering more flexible policies than usual. I’m ready to start planning when you are!

Sunny beaches, ocean views, golden sunsets — it’s not the typical way to spend the Holidays. But Christmas cruises are a great way to escape the cold and the stress of the season for a more laid-back, relaxing experience. You get to reconnect and spend quality time with family — all without having to worry about presents, making dinner and finding a parking spot at the mall. I think we can all raise our glasses to that!

Do you have any questions about Holiday cruise options? I’d be happy to help!

No matter how many European cities you’ve marked off your bucket list, there’s always somewhere new to explore. River cruises offer a truly immersive experience and a unique opportunity to explore those off-the-beaten-path destinations and gems you may not have considered in your past travels.

Most itineraries offer stops in major cities like Amsterdam, Paris and Vienna. But cruises also focus on the lesser-known, tucked away towns along the way that you get the chance to dive into and explore.

Clients often ask me, which Caribbean cruises are best, East or West, and my answer is always, either! It all depends on what you’d like to see and what your interests are. No matter which one you choose, you’ll have lots of opportunities to swim, snorkel, lounge on the beach and shop. There are some differences though, and on top of finding the right ship for you, I’ll also provide you with information on different ports of call, shore excursions, entertainment and other activities, so it truly is a tailored experience just for you.


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